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Rani HooK


I am completely passionate about Pilates and love to teach. My teaching is based upon the original 34 exercises from Joseph Pilates as well as extensions into contemporary formats and rehabilitation.


I offer one to ones, small groups of up to 7, large open classes in a studio and skype sessions. That way I hope to find a session that suits you.

Welcome to Rani Hook Pilates

Pilates can be modified for almost everyone and the benefits are endless. Each of my classes focus on building core strength and provide a workout to help strengthen and lengthen muscles as well as increasing flexibility, balance, stamina and lung capacity.


I hope you will join me to get that feeling that life is lived to the full!


About Me


My name is Rani and I am the mother of 3 beautiful children and a grandmother. I started out as a Political Economist but, as a young adult I began to suffer from knee and back pain. 

In the hands of Rani, you feel confident you're being looked after by a world class practitioner. Her absolute confidence in her ability to 'fix' you or give you optimal training motivates to give that little bit extra during workouts/sessions, and when you see that she's right and results come after only a few sessions, you know you've gone to the right professional. A truly dedicated and absolutely competent individual, Rani comes with the highest commendment and recommendation."

Christian (UK)

Class timetable

Small groups of up to 6 maximum with tailored teaching, also Open classes and other options.


Pilates is an exercise method which is famous for developing strength, flexibilty, balance, coordination, alignment, lung capacity and core abdominal strength. The exercise can be modified to suit almost everyone. It is without age restriction and can be used for life.

"Come as you are, leave at your best"