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Rani HooK

"I am proud of the work my Clients and I do. I would like

to share some of their testimonials. This is what

motivates me to become better and better!"

I have been going to Rani's classes for about 2 years now.
When I first went I was on walking sticks and in a lot of pain. I have Scoliosis of the spine with a double bend in my back which makes me lean to the right. I also have 5 damaged vertebrae in the lower back. I have a fallen arch and in the same foot a torn ligament that cannot be repaired. I was due to have an operation on my lower back to stabilise it which would make my back rigid. I was told if I don't have the operation I would be in a wheelchair very soon. A friend suggested I go to Pilates.
I have started and with Rani keeping an eye on me, within a few weeks I could feel the difference. I had a lot more movement everywhere. Very soon after that I had no need of walking sticks and NO PAIN.I was able to cancel the operation even though the hospital thought I should still have it. Over the next couple of years things have only got better. I am active and play bowls at competition level. I am quite a small person and was quite tubby. I have now had so many people comment how much weight I have lost. I now have curves in the right place which I haven't seen for years! I can do nearly all the exercises that the others can do and I love it!
Thank you Rani, life is so much better for me.

Pauline aged 74, Moraira, Spain

Rani Hook changed my life, improved it beyond measure. As a 74 year old man I had suffered from a severe back problem and associated painful sciatica for 18 months during which time I had beeen seen by chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists to no avail . My wife persuaded me to attend Rani's Pilates class which, somewhat sceptically, I did and after the fifth weekly session all pain had disappeared. Now, some dozen sessions down the line, my vitality and energy are back to normal and life is good again. I still go weekly and enjoy a feeling of healthy well-being after each friendly and informal group session.

John aged 74, Javea, Spain


I attended a two of Rani's pilates classes whilst on holiday in Spain, via a recommendation from my mother-in-law. After the first session, I was hooked! Rani's anatomy and physiology knowledge gave me the confidence I was looking for in a pilates instructor, which is often so difficult to find. With one small movement, she identified an existing shoulder issue, and adapted the exercise to address this. My next holiday to Spain will definitely involve a visit to one of Rani's classes.

Sharon (London)


Rani mixes her remarkable understanding of kinetics with an irreverent sense of humour. She helps her clients reach their goals through an appealing mix of discipline, humour and her unshakable belief in the resilience of the human body and spirit. She is a force to be reckoned with!

Joanne (USA)

" I was seeing a Consultant because of severe lower back pain. After having MRI scans I was told that I would need surgery to repair the vertebral disc. I came to Rani as I was reluctant to undergo surgical intervention. Rani asked to see the MRI scans and after explaining possible alternatives to surgery we started back and pain management sessions on a regular basis. Additionally, she gave me a programme which I had to put into practice over the course of each week. Over the 5 months my back pain has been completely alleviated and my exercise programme has reached an advanced level. Rani regularly assesses my back strength and ensures that my disc is stabilised so I can carry on pain free tending to my horses, riding and running around after my three kids!"

Janny (Spain)

I visited Rani on recommendation from my Mother who is a regular of hers. I am a keen runner and cyclist and am always fighting off minor injuries, mostly of which are related to a bad knee which I have dislocated a couple of times. I arrived at the Pilates class a few minutes early so that Rani could briefly assess me. Within a few minutes and with no previous knowledge of my injuries, Rani had given an astonishingly accurate description of my problems. She even brought things to my attention that several physio's had not mentioned to me before.During the Pilates class, Rani was able to give me specific exercises which would help me straighten my body out.If I was local to Rani, I would definitely use her all the time. She was very helpful however in helping me find a local pilates instructor which i now visit twice a week. All from visiting Rani the once.

Mark (London)