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Rani HooK

"I am proud of the work my Clients and I do. I would like

to share some of their testimonials. This is what

motivates me to become better and better!"

Christain UK

Pam Fine Spain

Rani has been my teacher for many years now. I have had others but she is by far the best ever. Her classes are really friendly and good fun and never boring. Rani explains everything so that everyone understands exactly what to do. She is very knowledgeable about anatomy and takes great care over each individual by watching every move. My core strength has improved considerably together with my back pains. I am so much more flexible now and basically have less aches and pains all over. With Rani, I feel confident that I am in good hands.

"In the hands of Rani, you feel confident you're being looked after by a world class practitioner. Her absolute confidence in her ability to 'fix' you or give you optimal training motivates to give that little bit extra during workouts/sessions, and when you see that she's right and results come after only a few sessions, you know you've gone to the right professional. A truly dedicated and absolutely competent individual, Rani comes with the highest commendment and recommendation."


I have had pain in my left hip and groin for many years and spent a small fortune on various practitioners. At one point I even, very reluctantly, agreed to steroid injections. All to no avail. I was particularly uncomfortable at night and often had to take painkillers in order to sleep.
Then I met Rani.
Rani doesn't recognise the 'one size fits all' method - she focuses on the individual and works with them to get the best result within their particular range of difficulties.
In a matter of weeks she managed to reduce my pain levels significantly. My posture has improved, my nights are much more comfortable and I no longer resort to pain killers. Result!!

Trish (Spain)


I suffered from recurring pain across my shoulder blades when sitting writing at my office computer. I came to dread having to write long documents, because I knew I would be in agony. Rani diagnosed the problem after a minute!- the only person who has ever given me practical help for this problem...and no more shoulder pain".

Fiona (Germany)


Loly Arias Spanish, living in UK

I first went to Rani's Pilates class in November and I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done. With her always smiling face, loving and caring nature. Her classes are always fun even when she is making us work really hard.
I so appreciate what Rani has done for me as an individual as though there was a class she took in to consideration my problems and tailor made a plan for me. She identified my problems without me even knowing what the problem was. I was suffering extremely from backache, shoulders ache and worst of all terrible migraines.
My back has a slightly deeper curve than normal (Lordosis) so Rani had to customize some of the exercises so that my back wouldn't suffer and got stronger. I can now do some abs exercises that I never thought I would be able to do thanks to Rani showing me how to do them properly. My shoulders were very tight on the top and rear (posterior Deltoid and rhomboids), creating lot of pressure on my right hand shoulder and massive migraine attacks. She showed me how my posture was part of the problem. All throughout the class she would be saying Loly relax those shoulders so many times. I am more aware of how I stand now, it's like I got a little Rani on my shoulder saying relax those shoulders.
I feel my shoulders much more mobilized but best of all hardly any MIGRANES. I can't Thank you enough Rani.


Rani is an extremely competent and nurturing pilates instructor. I had previously been put off pilates by my lack of progress. I now understand the importance of having someone like Rani guide you through the process in carefully planned steps. After only a few sessions, my posture had improved greatly as had my awareness of how to maintain and improve it. Her unique mix of personalised sessions as well as deep knowledge of biomechanics would benefit both the novice as well as those with more experience. Having experienced a spate of training related injuries, I now feel that what I have learnt with Rani will stand me for many years to come.

Kerry (M) (Spain)