Global Pilates

Rani HooK


My name is Rani and I originally qualified as a Political Economist. As a young adult I began to suffer from knee and back pain. Eventually, I could no longer ignore the problem and after several visits to my Consultant I was told that at some stage I may have to consider surgery. Of course, I was rather unhappy with the prognosis. I decided I would seek (with my Consultant's approval) possible alternatives to try to sort out the issues. Subsequently, I began to attend fitness, Pilates and Aerobic classes. Over time my knees became stronger and my back stopped aching. Many years later I am still able to run in our local 10km races without regretting it later, enjoy an active life with our children and keep up with our grandaughter! I realised then that some issues could be resolved by physical changes and it was not that hard to do so I dedicated my time to qualifying, finding solutions, teaching fitness and physical rehabilitation to Clients globally. You could say, “I had found my calling”.

My strength lies in the ability to motivate myself and others, using good communication and organisational skills to help the Clients move towards their goal.

Each Client's needs are fully assessed, diligent and extensive research carried out before suitable methods are delivered. The work continues through remote instruction and Clients are never left to flounder on their own.

I also deal with Private referrals from Physiotherapists, Cardio-thoracic and Orthopaedic Consultants from Europe.

In order to keep up to date with practices and new methods I regularly study and undertake workshops so that I can pass on the best to my Clients. Recently, I was lucky enough to be taught for 7 gruelling hours by Michael King (, a renowned experienced presenter in both fitness and Pilates. His input has given me several new insights and allowed me to approach my teaching with 'fresh eyes'. I believe that this constant movement forward is vital to the well-being of all of my Clients.


"I genuinely care about the health

and well-being of my Clients."

“I am committed to helping my clients achieve their aims”

Rani Hook BA (Hons.),